Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Morris Floral Sampler No 2

Here are the blocks for Floral Sampler No 2. I made my first William Morris Floral Sampler (now No 1) in 2004 and it is still popular today - in fact 'Stitchin' Heaven' from Texas in the USA have just ordered 110 patterns as it is going to be a block of the month; http://www.stitchinheaven.com/stitchin_heaven_pages/block_of_the_month_programs.asp#william(And that was a heavy load - $360 in postage - phew!) How exciting though!!

I have run out of the background fabric for the Sampler so not sure where to go from here :-(
I still need to design the large centre and I might sash the blocks or use the centre fabric for an outside swag border. Let me know what you would like to see.......the best suggestion wins a pattern so please leave a message.

I have used the new Morris Workshop range from Barbara Brackman........(see previous blog for more images and info.....http://www.unitednotions.com/fcc_the_morris_workshop.pdf
It does take a while to download the PDF but it is well worth it! Do drop by on Barbara Brackman's blog too - she has some very interesting articles on her speciality of historical quilts and textiles; http://barbarabrackman.blogspot.com/2009/07/stars-on-point.html).
The image of the fabrics was taken in the excitement at Patchwork by Sea on Saturday on my mobile phone (so not very clear); http://www.patchworkbysea.com.au/
we all bought metres of it - once it is gone we will no longer be able to get it.
But Barbara tells me there will be another Morris range coming in 2010/2011. I do love the teal blues and browns and the fabric is very soft and lovely to work with.


  1. Hi Michelle, I had no idea you have a blog, so it was a lovely surprise to find it today. I love your current project - just beautiful. Be sure to have a great week.

  2. Hi Michele! I am a huge fan of your book and bought it immediately when I saw it. When I showed it to my friends, they all bought it too! The book is wonderful and I intend to make several Morris pieces. I would love to see a design where vines or flowers from the center medallion flow into the surrounding blocks somewhat. I can see that there isn't a lot of space for this in this design but I think you might be able to incorporate this idea some how. I can't wait to see the finished quilt!!

  3. Whatever you design for the centre will look good, and I like the idea of using the centre background for a border background. (Isn't that what you planned all along?
    Judy B

  4. Now Michelle I can see Strawberry thief cornerstones. I do love those little birds. Your Quilt is going to look stunning as all your quilts do :-)

  5. I just bought your new book, William Morris in Applique and love, love, love it!


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