Monday, 27 April 2009

Quick and easy warm quilt

When Mum moved into care late last year I started a sewing group with a few of the ladies. It was a great way to spend a day with Mum once a week - but when she died unexpectedly 7 weeks later I found it hard to continue there. So instead I am going to a facility closer to home...........I decided that "we" could make some warm and cuddly lap quilts for residents. has been hard convincing residents to join in - The response varies from 'I can't see', 'the arthritis' etc.......but one dear lady Betty has done all the cutting of the applique. I used bright polar fleece and appliqued the flowers on 12 1/2" squares. Unfortunately I had to do all the applique myself so had to resort to machining! I am pleased with the end result and I even found a great backing to co-ordinate! They are so warm and cuddly that i think I want one - might even make some for my daughters ......IN MY SPARE TIME!!

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