Quilt Gallery and Patterns

A lot of these designs are available as digital patterns (that you will need to print yourself). Feel free to email me if you are interested at michele.hill@bigpond.com 


Morris Brocade

        Coffee with William Morris (SOLD)

 My Walk in Melbourne (Best of Show 2005 QGSA)

Morning Chorus  (Given away)

William Morris Revisited  
       Medieval Morris (SOLD) 

A William Morris Garden

 William De Morgan Sampler

Woven Verdure 
(Sadly this quilt is presumed stolen as it went missing in the post) 
 Royal Exhibition Elegance 

Strawberry Thief

William Morris Floral Sampler One

William Morris Cushion Trio                
(A gift to a previous Governor of South Australia)

Arts and Crafts Sampler
 (Donated as a charity raffle prize)
Adelaide Floral Sampler
(This quilt went missing via Australia Post in 2011 and it is still missing
 and is the second large quilt I have lost in the post!)

Dear William

William Morris Sampler Two

Morris Meadows
 (Donated as a charity raffle prize)

Morris in my Garden
 (Given to a friend)   
These are a few quilts that were featured in my two books "William Morris in Appliqué" (2009) and "More William Morris in Appliqué" (2010)
(Donated as a charity raffle prize)

William Morris and Friends
 Donated to the Society of Antiquaries London 
for their Kelmscott Manor fund-raising auction. 
The lucky US bidder now has it hanging in a beautiful bedroom!

Floral Fantasy
(Donated as a charity raffle prize)

Morning Glory 


Nursery Quilts  (given away as baby gifts)

The following is a selection of my other work:

May Morris Portiere (1892)

My Renaissance

 Footsteps from the Past (Best of Show 2007 QGSA)

 What is Colour?

Folk Style Wool Sampler 


Fantasy Meets at Midnight

More Morris Magic (Best of Show 2011 QGSA)

Folk Style One




Mughal Dynasty

William and May Morris Sampler

May Morris Sampler

Thorngrove Manor Quilt
Private Commission and now lives here: Thorngrove Manor

16th Century Fantasy (Best of Show 2013 QGSA)
(Now in Private collection - purchased)