Sunday, 24 May 2015


Thankyou all for your eagerness and sorry that the website is not quite ready!! We just need to get a few links working properly so just a little bit longer! I will let you know as soon as it is ready to go….(I was a tad eager too!)

Chilly days

Winter seems to have come quite early here and the plants are still very confused thinking it is already autumn. Sweet peas, jonquils and soon to be daffodils are appearing way before they should. But even a chilly 13 degrees outside finds Larry still enjoying his solitude with a good book (beside the cyclamen that have appeared at the correct time)……

 We've been back from our little break for over a week now but I did record a little history including the iconic Big Lobster at Kingston on the way home…..

 Great coffee stop……..
Since being home the pencil has been busy sketching ideas for the Beatrix Potter book but I have also had time to make Maisie some pinafores……... 

 We've also celebrated 37 wonderful years of marriage during the week and one night enjoyed the quiet of playing a board game together……I am sure I didn't know what an "etui" was before I took up sewing!……..

 Larry also celebrated his fourth attempt at retirement with his new card!!…….
One morning as we travelled down our southern expressway towards the city the cloud formation just looked like snow capped peaks……it was cold enough to snow despite the sun shining!…..
And finally….THE BOOK!! I am hoping tonight the new website will go live. 
Stay tuned and thanks so much for popping by x

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Time-out in Robe

Larry retired from work just 3 years ago, but 15 months ago he was persuaded to go back for a special part-time role. His area of expertise is in child protection and to say he is ready for a break is an understatement. So last week he has resumed retirement once again and we are now having a few days 'time out' in one of our most favourite places Robe - about three and half hours south of our home. We decided to have this break after the weekend workshop and arrived yesterday. Sunday night before we left Ararat we decided to go out for dinner where the RSL club reminded us of the special day…….

 Larry below studying the f'book comments following yet another loss of his beloved football team…..but then rewarded with that mammoth steak sandwich!…...
 The days have been windy and cold and yesterday it was still only 14C at 10am. We continued to observe reckless semitrailers speeding past us but enjoyed some of the sights along the way……

 Yet another menacing truck preparing to overtake……...

 We just missed this kangaroo that you can see bounding away behind the centre tree……...
 We stopped for lunch at Penola and it was delightful to see many examples of yarn bombing…….
 No time to visit Yallum Park this visit but well worth it if you are in the area to see some original Morris wallpapers. Instead we revisited Petticoat Lane and some of the history it holds…….

 Click on the photos where you can read this fascinating history touched with some sadness…….

 Quite remarkable that this large family lived in just four small rooms - married at 15 with four children in the next five years and another eleven children followed…….
 Each year a new layer of wallpaper was added……….

 The ceiling wallpaper……..

 This was the original two roomed cottage……..

 Christopher Sharam's bootmaking machine……..

 Penola is also known for Mary MacKillop - Australia's first saint. This is the school that she set up and it is worth noting that Joanna and Robert Barr Smith from Adelaide financially supported Mary MacKillop and her endeavours (The Barr Smith's were the biggest international client of UK's Morris and Co and a lot of their treasures are now in the Art Gallery of South Australia's collection)……

 Today we've had rain, rain, rain with spells of tempting sunshine, but each time we ventured out for a walk we hastily turned back having to hold our umbrellas for dear life……..
 But the machine is set up inside and the buildings outside still called for a photo……….

 One of the old churches has been renovated and is now a private residence……...

 Many houses on the main street are also for sale……..

So back to my sewing machine….hope all is well in your part of the world x